By day I am a teacher, but I’ve begun to realize I’m being called to more.

 I’ve struggled with my path for the last year or so, while the other witches in my little circle seemed to be gravitating to a certain area or receiving signs towards their path, I felt behind. The gods and spirits were talking to me, I used sage and trance and mandrake to speak with them, but I wasn’t listening. It took some point blank tough love for me to realize what I knew all along: teach. Simple, yes?

No. When a goddess pushes you down a twisted path and whispers, the word “teach” takes on a different meaning.

Urd grabbed my hair and told me knowledge is in the past,  Skuld grabbed my face and told me knowledge is useless unless shared, all while Verdandi stood silent.
Die Nornen (1889) Johannes Gehrts

Die Nornen (1889) Johannes Gehrts

Teacher is not my profession, it is my being.

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